eric mcbain we were freedom

Some years ago I was lucky enough to do a bunch of work while with K9 for the Memory Project. What I received as a token of appreciation for that work is something I still cherish today; a copy of We Were Freedom personally signed by various WWII veterans who participated in the project thanking me for my involvement. One of the most humbling notes:

To Eric: Just a little thank you for all your dedication to our project. May their stories live on in your memory as those that gave us freedom.

Cyril Roach, LST-304, Royal Navy

I think in this situation it should be me saying thank you. So to Cyril Roach, Eric Jensen (HMCS Haida, Royal Canadian Navy), Albert Hogg (The Princess Louise Fusiliers, 11th Independent Machine Gun Company, Canadian Army), and Jan De Vries (1st Canadian Parachute Battalion, Canadian Army) my sincere thanks to you and all those who stood for us alongside you then and now. Thank you, and we won’t forget.