It’s that time of year again; time to stop looking for the holiday card/gift from Eric. Why you ask? Well just like last year, I kind of figured you’re good but there are a lot of charities and causes that could use some real help. So instead of the card you would have already forgotten I present you with the first day of giving.

This summer I was fortunate enough to take part in an awesome fundraising show at the Piston, a clothing swap and the Toronto MS Ride all in support of the MS Society of Canada along with some of my fantastic friends who made up Team Time to Get Rid of the Car. We had an absolute blast partaking in all the events and all in managed to raise more than $5000 in donations to the MS Society. But the fight continues. With over 100,000 Canadians diagnosed Canada has one of the high prevalences of MS in the world. I invite you to join us this summer for the MS Ride (or to participate wherever you are), or simply give to the cause to help those living with MS and hopefully one day see the end of the disease as a whole.  Find out more about the MS Society of Canada here, and the MS Ride here.